Benefits of Mezzanine Flooring – Retail

Mezzanine Flooring – Benefits of Using Mezzanine Flooring in Retail

Installing a Mezzanine Floor for use in a retail environment has many benefits. Many retailers either have shops that can do with more floor space, or are completely online and require large quantities of storage space. Installing a Mezzanine Floor increases your floor space by double, triple or even more depending on the height restrictions of the building, as mezzanines are not restricted to a single tier.

Below are a number of benefits received by installing a Mezzanine Floor in a retail environment:

Increase in Space Available

The biggest benefit of installing a Mezzanine Floor is the instant increase in space at your disposal, this gives you the opportunity to display more products than ever and reduce the amount of congestion in high traffic areas.

Installing a Mezzanine in a warehouse gives you multiple options. It can create more storage space, house a set of offices or implement an automated system. Warehouses around the world are always trying to increase efficiency, installing a Mezzanine Floor gives you the ideal space to implement or expand an automated system.

Saving Time and Money

Mezzanine Floors are commonly the alternative option for creating extra space. Moving into a bigger premises or building an extension onto an existing building is an expensive and time-consuming process.

Whereas, a Mezzanine Floor can be erected in a matter of days depending on the size. As an industry standard, you will be looking at around 60m2 per day. So if your Mezzanine Floor is 200m2 then you will be looking at 4 days to complete the installation. However, another day can be added for every 60m2 of fire protection being installed as well.

This is not as big of an issue for an online store, but It is still a handy benefit. When building an extension, you will have to stay well away from the area, and if they are building with the existing structure you may find that the building itself needs to be cleared for health and safety reasons.

Also when moving to larger premises, you are going to have less time to process orders and dispatch them, whereas, with a Mezzanine, you will only experience a short downtime or possibly no downtime at all.

Return On Investment

As well as costing less to construct in the first place, a Mezzanine Floor can also add value to the premises. Also, if utilised correctly it can pay for itself. If more products are showcased or an area of interest is created that many of your customers enjoy, it could lead to an increase in sales, therefore paying for the installation of the Mezzanine.

Customer Experience

Alongside playing a key role in within the performance of the building itself, it also has benefits for the customer. With more products or stock out on display you are almost certain to obtain and retain more customers, as the likelihood of them finding something that they like and then buying that item is significantly improved.

Although customers do not directly interact with the warehouses behind the online retailers, their customer experience is just as important. Making sure that the stock kept is all easily available to sort and dispatch is essential. A Mezzanine Floor frees up space that can be used to better store products and increase access to cluttered areas.

Characteristics of The Workplace

As well as play a key role on the performance side, a Mezzanine Floor also has a role in the aesthetics of the workplace. Since Mezzanine Floors are typically designed bespoke to the requirements of the buyer, the system can be designed to match any brand colours or themes wanted.


Mezzanine Floors can be used for a number of different purposes. Retail stores generally carry a large amount of stock, so it may be needed to store all of this stock, without compromising any floor space. A Mezzanine can also be used to showcase the products, automate the packing and dispatch process, or can accommodate offices for employees to work from.

Mezzanine Floors are flexible in other ways too. A Mezzanine Floor is only a semi-permanent structure, meaning it can be disassembled, moved and reassembled in a different location. So if you do decide to move in the future, you can take your Mezzanine with you.

Health & Safety

There is a great deal of trust that goes into installing a Mezzanine Floor as staff and customers will be using the Mezzanine Floor. With the risk of faults, damage and potentially fatal accidents, full health and safety, structural and operating tests need to happen before the Mezzanine is used.