How Can I Save Money With An Office Refurbishment?

How Can I Save Money With An Office Refurbishment?

Office Refurbishment – First Thoughts –

It is common for business owners or office managers to think that a refurbishment of your existing office space will cost a fortune and that it’s not a viable option for the business. However, the cost of the works is not the only thing to think about when deciding to refurbish or move, factor in the time it will take to construct and time needed for staff to become comfortable in their new environment. In most cases, an office refurbishment is actually the better investment, as it saves money in the long run and also helps gives a boost to staff.

Save Money With Office Design & Planning –

A clean slate gives us a chance to take note of what we currently have and then decide whether or not it will be needed in the future. Office refurbishments are no different. Office refurbishments offer an opportunity to revitalise your office, optimise space and create a new environment for your staff to work in. Whether it is a simple re-arrangement of workstations, the implementation of new technologies or a complete refit of an office, The Creative Construction Group can help you to create your dream office space.

With that in mind here is how an introduction of how new and organised office interiors can help a business to save money in comparison to moving premises:

Inspire Your Workforce With An Office They Want –

Your staff are the main users of the workspace, spending upwards and above 8 hours each day in the office. This means that the space should be designed around the requirements of the very people who spend their days working for the benefit of the company.

The new office interior will allow for your workforce to work in a comfortable, inspiring, creative and productive environment. It should also have the aesthetics to match, allowing for visitors to feel the same, and also get a sense of your brand and values when then walk in.

Office Refurbishments Can Increase Productivity –

The defining measure of success for businesses is the quality of work that they are able to deliver each and every day. Keeping the constant of great quality work will help any brand to gain recognition, in the ever competitive markets we see today; therefore, the potential for increased revenue is higher.

By building an office environment that allows for staff to work the way that they feel most comfortable, whether that be sat at a desk all day or on the move around the office from place to place, the modern office should be able to accommodate for their needs. Being able to accommodate for as many people as possible, will without fail lead to a more productive workforce.

Creating An Efficient & Functional Office Space –

A newly refurbished office gives you a great opportunity to reset the physical layout of the office and make better arrangement in terms of utilising space. An efficient and functional office is an office that can communicate between departments in order to get a task done; the more efficient an office, the faster the jobs are able to get done at top quality. This can be achieved either physically or virtually depending on space within the office, or if departments work remotely from outside the office.

Bring The Outdoors Inside The Office –

Over recent years it has become popular to bring parts of the outdoors into the office. It is part of an action to try and make people aware of the environment, and the effects on health.

As the office is a place where we spend a majority of our days, the workplace environment should be adapted to meet the needs of our health and wellbeing. There are many ways to implement this within the office, from allowing more natural light in, to creating breakout areas to provide a place of rest, to the introduction of plants and greenery to bring in healthier levels of oxygen and carbon dioxide to create a natural environment within the office.

At the end of the day, if you start to notice any problems within the office, such as employees taking sick days, technology not being used to its potential, then it is possible that your current office is not doing its job. Leaving the problem to ‘sort itself out’ is not the answer to the problem. Leaving the problem will only be detrimental to the business by losing staff, clients and suppliers, most likely ending in the loss of each.

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